A good place for Refugees on the Street

Again the squatters helped us to a new building.

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We are still together







We are safe and visible









On the 4th of September 2012 WE ARE HERE started in the World Garden.
On the 25th of September we moved to the Notweg in Osdorp.

On the 2nd of December we moved to the Vluchtkerk.
Since the 31st of May we are in the Vluchtflat.

We want to live a normal life.
And we start to create it here and now.

Geen mens is illegaal!


We are now in Slotervaart, in New West, at August Allebeplein, in the heart of multicultural Amsterdam.
Jan Tooropstraat 29
1062 BK Amsterdam
metro Postjesweg

If you can give money, we can use it to survive and live.
Bank 609060 of. Stichting XminY Beweging, ref. We Are here

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