Collective Struggle of Refugees: Lost. In Between. Together.

weareherereaderFrom November 29 to December 1st representatives of We Are Here worked together with about 25 artists and students to develop a new model for a cooperative between artists, students and refugees, entitled the “We Are Here Cooperative,” which was presented on December 6 2013 in cultural and political center De Balie in Amsterdam.

The plan for the We Are Here Cooperative exists of a vacant building, in which artists, students and refugees would develop a variety of cultural programs in order to gain visibility and economic independence, amongst others in the form of the departments We Are Here Learning (lecture programs developed in collaboration with refugees), We Are Here Open Lobby (a lobby apparatus to advise politicians and inform refugees on their legal rights) and We Are Here Reporting (an independent media channel highlighting the daily struggle of refugee communities).

Here you can read the Collective Struggle of Refugees. Lost. In Between. Together.