short statement: We are relieved to inform you that the deportation today of a Nuba man from Netherlands to Khartoum has been cancelled.

A lot has been done:
– a very vivid social media campaign towards the state secretary and the airline companies took place.
– members of parliament from different parties stated their concern and asked the state secretary to cancel the deportation, referring to the situation in Sudan and the high risks, together with the request to re-evaluate the asylum application.
– Amnesty International raised concerns as well against the planned deportation and wrote a letter.
– the asylum-lawyer started a new asylum procedure based on new facts and evidence.

This morning tuesday 16 may we got the news that the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Services) will take the time to look at the renewed asylum procedure and the deportation was therefore cancelled.

Thanks everybody for making this a successful campaign!

In solidarity with everybody that faces the risk to be deported, freedom of movement for all!