The end of the Vluchtmarkt


De Vluchtmarkt (Ten Katestraat 61-63) has lost the court case against the state, and it will be evicted next Tuesday, July 8.

The verdict of the Vluchtmarkt court case is negative. The judge argued that although the people who live in the squatted buildings are undocumented migrants who have no right to work, to welfare and to a roof, this is a social problem that does not have to fall on the backs of private owners. The judge evaluated the ‘proportionality’ of interests between the squatters and the owner, and ruled that the owner has the right to access its properties at any time. Moreover the judge argued that Rochdale has showed consistent plans to renovate the buildings. However Rochdale has let these properties rot for years, and the only plans presented concern basic mantainance of the structure of the buildings. This means that after the eviction not only a large number of (undocumented) people will be on the streets agains, but also that these buildings will remain empty for much longer.

The costs of the court case, € 1.300, will have to be payed by the migrants: if you want to donate or to organise a benefit, please

The police has announced that the eviction will take place next Tuesday, July the 8th.


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