Wanted: street artists, activists and cheerful wheatpasters for the raise of “A Paper Monument for the Paperless’


A Paper Monument for the Paperless‘ is a monument in the making, which should generate more visibility and attention to this anonymous group of undocumented refugees. Anyone can make a contribution by requesting an A2 size poster set (in the form of a newspaper with 31 woodcut portraits of these refugees, made by a diverse group of artists and illustrators) and pasting them around or offering them to their local politicians. We are also open to suggestions for other ways to address this issue to the public and we invite people to think with us how we could generate more publicity for this initiative in the media (online, local newspaper or radio).


Contact social artist and initiator Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries: info@himmelsbach.nl if you have an idea for how you could use the newspapers or posters, also stating which city or country you would like to distribute them, and adding your mailing address and the number of newspapers you would like to receive (given that we are a not-for-profit initiative, we ask for a small donation for shipping).

It’s also possible to make an appointment to pick up the newspapers in Amsterdam, for free.

If you are have information about potential co-distributors, poster pasters or other interested parties, please inform them by sharing this call.