We are cold!

Life in the Vluchtgarage

Kralenbeek 100,1104 KH Amsterdam ZO

It is cold in the Vluchtgarage.

Currently there are about 71 refugees. from Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Guinea Conakry, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Iraq, Albania and Yemen.

The place is too cold. No hot water, no heater, no shower and the electric is not as such enough to produce more power. Besides that there is shortage of food, no access to internet, no medical treatment, etc.

Therefore, we kindly request your immediate help in solving the above mentioned problems as early as possible.

With best regards

Gadaa Hunde


WE ARE HERE collects money to stay warm in the winter. Voor 3 Euro you can keep one refugee warm for one night in the Vluchtgarage. WE need 6400 to install central heating in half the building (2600) and three months for the gas (3750). We have to make a quick campaign to show how the refugees are in the cold, how you can help to change that and how many people support our slogan: No refugee on the street or in jail.

Do you want to help to make this a big campaign, then please let us know what you can and want to do:

  • publish this on facebook and everywhere
  • collect money at public meetings, theatres, churches, etc.
  • help with installation together with refugees in the Vlarage
  • make a poster or flyer

And you can already make a donation on the bank account of Stichting X min Y Solidariteitsfonds IBAN:NL39INGB0000609060 in Amsterdam, Ref. We Are WARM

Contact: wijzijnhierNL@gmail.com