We Are Everywhere

This weekend three different actions will take place.
Different actions that will reach out to different groups in Dutch society.
We will be here, we will be there, we will be everywhere.
Next week when the parliament returns, we’ll have the refugee problem
back on the table.

  • Friday August 9 at 6 pm: buses leave to the no-bordercamp in Rotterdam.
    On Saturday the buses drive back to the flat. Friday evening there is NO seperate general meeting.
  • Sunday August 11 at 10 am: the buses leave to the beach of Bloemendaal.
    After a day of relaxation we’ll march along the beach. As we walk between land and sea, between no welcome in the Netherlands and no welcome or safety in any place on the world, we’ll visualize the impossible impasse that the refugees are in.
  • Sunday August 11 at 12:30 pm: another bus leaves to Roest for Salon des Refuses, where the furniture and art made by the refugees will be exhibited and sold. Also Chiraque will perform there.
Let’s be visible and change the cucumber news to the real issues.
Make yourselves visible.

We are here, we are there, we are everywhere!