Wij Zijn Hier at No Border Camp in Rotterdam

The international No-Border Camp started in Rotterdam and on August 3 a group of nine refugees from Wij Zijn Hier joined the camp.

The day started with a bike tour through Rotterdam, to reach the detention center. There we showed solidarity with the people inside who are locked up, only because they don’t have papers. All refugees that joined have seen the detention centers from the inside – it was an emotional protest.

In the evening the refugees told their personal stories. The stories were also broadcasted live on internet radio. Even if you know already many stories, the injustice and complexity of it strucks you. ‘When I thought I could go back to my country, they told me that my country is now two countries: North and South Sudan and they cannot give me any paper to return.’ ‘The woman said in Dutch: why are you supporting this guy? It is our task to send him back to his country, not to support him. I heard it with my own ears – I wish I had something to record it, but I didn’t.’






On August 10 there is a big demonstration in Rotterdam, to mark the end of the camp. Wij Zijn Hier refugees will join! You too?

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