The truth for We Are Here is that we don’t need the building. We need a permanent place to start a normal life.  Therefore we go to the Court with a proposal to sit around the table with all parties concerned to find a way out.

Some background Information:

The group has a court hearing on the 7 of September, which is about evicting from our Residence place (Pieter Calandlaan 1) which is the municipality’s building. The municipality has decided to rent the building to the emigration bureau (IND).

The refugees group We Are Here – is still moving from building to building and struggling for their asylum rights in the Netherlands.
This results in sending the refugees to the streets again, where it is dangerous and we praying for a good luck.

1. In case there is a positive court decision is small step toward finding a more definite solutions for our group.

2. If it is not positive, the lives of these 148 refugees are at risk on the streets, about half of them have been traumatized because of the situation- depressions and war trauma ( PTSD).

3. The refugees group has lost 3 members. The last one, Hashem J. (32years), has died last month. He took his life because of the situation, being in the procedures for long years with no solution. We want to avoid the risk of any more losses.

4. We hope and need to create and have an open dialogue with you, the Dutch people, politicians, the Mayor and the IND again in order to find a solution.

5. The government has offered the BBB as a solution, we thought this is a good movement towards the dialog, but:
-BBB is not an adequate solution for traumatized individuals, who have nightmare’s and 5. need to take medication, who have to leave the BBB and go back on the street from early morning until 17.00 hours in a confused manner.

– BBB, there is not enough space for all of the group members, this is necessary because we look after each other as normally a family would do, because we have no other family. Some members need more or special care.

On Friday September 2 we will demonstrate 4 our Rights as refugees, starting at 10 o’clock from Pieter Calandlaan 1 to the Protestant Diaconie (Nieuwe herengracht 18).

On Sunday September 4 we celebrate our 4th anniversary in the Vluchtgemeente from 2pm -10pm.

On September7 we go to Court.

On September 14th the people in Daalborgh will go to Court for the same reason.