situation in vluchtschool

Dear followers and supporters,

Thank you very much for your support of more than two years, for everything you brought and you keep on bringing to us. Now that we have a hard moment than before, Now that we are tired and sick, now that the government is punishing us and now that we cannot go back to our respective countries, we turn ourselves towards you, the people of the Netherlands. Knowing that we cannot stay here, and we cannot go to other EU countries due to the EU Dublin’s agreement (law) what are we going to do? We need politically your support more than before.

When we come to Vlucht School in Zuidelijke wandelweg, the Gemente decided to leave us staying in the Vlucht School until last Monday when suddenly and surprisingly the gemente decided that we have to free the building on Friday of this week. Hence, two days the Gemeente decided to evict us because if we do not leave the school building where we are actually squatting, we would be considered as criminals on Friday.  ‘’We are here’’ group decides to stay until police arrest us because we do not have any other options, we are tired and sick. Yesterday at five o’clock, the Gemente decided not to arrest us but rather to evict and put us on the street. Now that it’s very cold and raining what are going to do? We do not have any other alternative. We need your support at all levels, even politically!!

We are not radical group and we do not want to do radical actions. We came here to get peace and security.  So we deserve to have the minimum right like you. Yesterday the gemente decided to leave us staying in the Vlucht School Zuidelijke wandelweg until Saturday morning at 07.00 am, when the police will come to evict us from the building.

Please, we call you for coming to support us on Saturday this week at 07.00 am. We do not want confrontation with the police or the Government. We just want normal live.

We are here group.

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